Helping children grow, Better

Helping children grow, Better

Dr. Uppal

  MD Paediatrics(Gold Medalist)

   Fellowship in Paediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology,

   MRCPCH(Royal College UK)

   ESPE Fellowship in Advanced Pediatric Endocrinology (Liverpool ,UK)

   ICMRCC in Clinical Genetics(SGPGI)

Dr. Uppal is an internationally trained and recognised Paediatric Endocrinologist. He specializes in childhood growth, puberty, Childhood diabetes and other hormone related issues in growing children & adolescents. He is well known for his compassionate care and committed treatment techniques that lead to improved quality of life and happiness in children.


Endokidz Centre for Growth , Diabetes and Hormones for children is a pioneer Pediatric Endocrinology service providing latest and safest treatment practices to children who actually need them. The clinic focuses on CHILD FIRST strategy and entire treatment is planned in the best interest of the child.We believe that the child is our VIP. Hence our slogan, " HAR BACCHA VIP " .
The Clinics are functioning at.
Jalandhar; Endokidz Clinic ,
JP Nagar Ludhiana : Deep Hospital Model Town (WEDNESDYS)
Hoshiarpur: Goyal Hospital Near Bus stand (TUESDAYS)