Helping children grow, Better

Helping children grow, Better
  • Adrenal / Steroid Disorders
  • Growth Disorders
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Poor Weight Gain
  • Gender problems

Adrenal / Pituitary Disorders

Adrenal/Steroid disorders are complex problems and effect many areas of body function. They need steroid treatment in carefully designed doses to treat the disease without any side effects of steroids. Its a domain of high expertise. Also steroids given for various other reasons can cause side effects which need to be managed very carefully.

Growth Disorders

Is your child growing normally? Is he gaining height and weight as he should? Is he comparing well with his classmates and friends?

Growth problems can be worrisome , because normal growth means healthy child and if growth is slow, we need to look into the reasons for it. There is treatment available for slow growth and short height but it is important that we help children to grow while they still have time to grow. After this time has passed , no treatment works.

Dr. Uppal provides effective treatment for slow growth according to the cause responsible for it. Also available is growth hormone therapy for children having growth hormone deficiency. A lack of adequate production of this hormone may result in slow or retarded growth as against normal growth within a child.

Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid problems in childhood are becoming more common . Because of the huge importance of thyroid hormone in a growing child for bones, general health and brain development, good treatment of thyroid disease is critical in a growing child. There are several fine points and nuances in childhood hypothyroidism that need an expert review and management.

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While it was uncommon in the past decades, childhood diabetes is becoming increasingly common.Childhood diabetes is an ailment where the body does not produce enough insulin to help regulate normal blood sugar levels, resulting in complications. It is a huge burden on the children and also the caregivers. However with modern treatment and guidance, the burden can be made manageable and results vastly improved.

Dr Uppal’s advanced diabetes clinic offers knowledge based and technology driven diabetes solutions by which children with diabetes can lead a life as normal as possible and do everything else as their friends and classmates do.Good treatment can prevent these complications Treatment at ENDOKIDZ Centre matches the standards of care at some of the best centres in Western Countries. Dr Uppal Provides a care plan that is suitable for the the indieidual needs of the child and family

Obesity With Insulin Resistance

Modern age and lifestyle have brought with them a huge increase in obesity in children. Obese children are at a risk of several health problems in the present and future. The seeds of future Heart Problems ,Stroke , Adult Diabetes, Blood Pressure problems etc are sown in childhood in children who are overweight.

Childhood obesity needs multi disciplinary approach and various aspects have to be managed. In addition many children have obesity which is due to hosrmone problems and needs urgent treatment to prevent complications. If your child is obese and you fear the risk of problems, please get in touch and help us chart an effective weight management program.

Poor Weight Gain

Slow weight gain in childhood could have different reasons and some of the reasons may indicate hidden problems that need treatment. Slow weight gain or weight loss may be a warning sign of problems to come. We provide a carefully charted weight management program for your child that will ensure timely growth and balanced diet routine .

We provide a carefully charted weight management program for your child that will ensure timely growth and balanced diet routine eradicating obesity related disorders.

Gender problems

Children generally are assigned a gender at birth based upon genital anatomy. In some instances, the appearance of the child’s private parts is not same as other children of his/her age. While this can be a normal variation, it can also be due to hormone disturbance . In certain cases it can lead to life threatening emergency situations and child may collapse. A thorough assessment is needed to decide several sensitive issues and make a plan for the child’s future in discussion with the parents. Get in touch with Dr Uppal for any query you may have